Interactive Catnip Cat Ball

  • $22.95
  • SIMULATES ANIMALS REAL SOUNDS: This Interactive Catnip Cat Ball imitates the sounds of frogs and birds. When the ball is hit, it will make a sound, which can successfully attract the pet's attention, thereby improving the cat's hunting characteristics and increasing its IQ.
  • REFILLABLE CATNIP BALL: Open the lid and you can add catnip to the ball. This will make your cat more excited.
  • SAFE PLAY: This Interactive Catnip Cat Ball is made of high-quality and durable EVA, which is soft and safe for cats.
  • HAPPY AND HEALTHY: The Interactive Catnip Cat Ball has vivid animal sounds, which your cat will be crazy about it. The cats cannot stop playing with them. When you are away from home, these balls will balance the energy levels of your energetic cat and keep them busy, keeping your cat from getting lonely.